scentographyWhen it comes to preserving a memory of a particular place or person, you can either shoot a photo of it, or record a video, and over the past few years, plenty of advances have been made in both realms – photos and videos. The thing is, there is no way one could “record” taste or smell, although it would be fantastic if this were the case. At least, not until now, as we are presented with the Madeleine. The Madeleine happens to be a kind of device which captures the scent of your memories, which will be in tandem with the trend of capturing tender moments on Instagram and other forms of social media.

Madeleine designer Amy Radcliffe said, “We take pictures of everything and load it all online, to the point where it is all infinitely replicable and disposable.” This new breed of camera will record smells instead of images, and after all, smells tend to have a direct link to emotional memory. Hopefully in the future, we no longer need to talk about how great grandma’s cooking was when she was still alive, but we can also share the smell of her best dishes with the next generation, too.

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