It has been announced that Europeans will no longer have to incur carrier roaming charges in any of the EU’s 27 member states from July next year. The move eliminates roaming charges for texts, internet and voice calls. This decision has a positive impact on Europeans who travel within the continent, tourists to the EU will however not enjoy this benefit. Tourists who roam in the EU with their home carriers will have to pay charges decided by their native carriers.

It is hoped that this move would allow the EU to improve mobile service across all of its member states, which are currently being catered to by a variety of companies in each country. This fragmentation is believed to be one of the reasons that is coming in the way of mobile service growth across the EU. It has been predicted that carriers in EU countries will initially see about a 2% drop in revenue, but given the fact that many users will increase roaming with their device in other member countries, this should help carriers make up for their loss in revenue.

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