samsung-ativ-q--18Samsung has just announced its ATIV Q tablet, a very interesting 13.3″ convertible tablet that can run both Windows 8 and Android (4.2.2) and allow seamless context switching file transfer from one OS to the other, thus giving you the freedom to use the best OS for the task which is a great idea. The ATIV Q convertible tablet can switch from a tablet form-factor to a laptop-like layout that is more suitable for productivity usage such as intense email or content creation.

samsung-ativ-q--23At 2.84 lbs, it should feel like an ultra light laptop in your bag, but it can convert into a true tablet that can be used for a more social-driven usage like showing something to a customer, or sharing images with a small group of people. So far, this is the most likely usage for these convertible tablets.

samsung-ativ-q--10The presence of a 3200×1800 display is awesome, and we bet that this is most likely the first salvo in a larger ultra-high resolution display offensive that Samsung will mount. It is fair to think that more computers featuring these beautiful displays are coming your way. Update: Samsung just confirmed that its new laptops are starting to get this display too.


The switch between Android and Windows is instantaneous and doesn’t require a reboot, which is great. You can now have the best of both worlds, although we need to see if Android runs natively (compiled in X86 at least), or with some kind of emulation like BlueStacks does. The Samsung ATIV Q uses an Intel Haswell processor which has been optimized for battery life, and Samsung claims a 9-hr battery life. We assume that this number comes from the MobileMark standard battery depletion test. Still, it’s very good for a sub-3lbs computer with such a high-resolution screen.


The ATIV Q has a touchscreen, but also comes with S-Pen, which is most likely powered by Wacom, so graphic artists can start salivating now, but keep in mind that additional software support may be required before you can use it with Photoshop, so don’t get too excited.

We’re going to have a hands-on with the Q when the launch is over, but right now, this looks really good, and Samsung is really taking the initiative by introducing this form factor, dual-OS capability and S-pen support for Windows 8. Impressive.

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