sony-experia-z-review--37Sony’s Xperia Z is one tough device, where it is more than capable of handling underwater shooting. Of course, I do not mean that you would go scuba diving to depths of a few hundred feet, but rather, as you splash around in the water by the lakeside or perhaps at a local river. Having said that, the Sony Xperia Z Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update has been rumored to be delivered shortly after the smartphone was introduced in February this year, and it has been a few months now without the update in sight. Well, things could change for the better soon, as the Xperia Z recently saw a couple of firmware versions approved, which could be an impending sign that something related to Android 4.2 is in the pipeline.

The two firmware versions discovered are meant for 10.1.1.A.1.319 and 10.3.A.0.407, with the first among the two being most likely meant for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean considering how it follows a naming pattern which Sony has more or less religiously followed, while the 10.3 nomenclature could depict a new and major Android update, so Android 4.2 certainly sounds viable. I guess the only logical thing left to do is to sit tight and wait.

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