titanfallIt was earlier this week when we brought you word that Respawn Entertainment will definitely make a game announcement at E3, and the rumored title would be Titanfall. Well, it seems that Titanfall, when released, will not be made available on Sony as well as Nintendo game consoles, since it looks set to be an exclusive title on the Xbox and PC platforms. Something is up with the next generation of game consoles, as it seems as though exclusive titles will be the ones that will determine just who the winner is.

It was whispered around that Microsoft had already placed themselves right in front of the line when it comes to having exclusive console rights to Respawn’s online-focused first-person mech shooter, and this particular bit of information that you have read about Titanfall has been confirmed in the most recent issue of Game Informer that was leaked out in its digital format via Google Play. As Respawn Entertainment works on the Xbox One and PC versions, those who do not want to make an upgrade and will still play nice with their Xbox 360 will see Titanfall developed by an outside developer. Spring 2014 looks set to be an exciting time for Titanfall fans!

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