Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Amazon all have their own online stores through which they sell apps. The concept behind an app store is simple, its an online marketplace on which developers can show off their apps in a bid to attract the maximum number of customers. There’s a new kind of app store being built, and its safe to say that not everybody will be allowed to get their apps featured there. In fact, that app store won’t even be available for the general public. The U.S. Department of Defense is actually getting its own app store, for which it has awarded a $2.9 million contract to Digital Management, a firm based in Maryland.

Once Digital Management’s contract ends in July next year, DoD will have the option of renewing it for four six month stints, costing the national kitty around $16 million. The app store will have to work with a variety of platforms. There was a time when DoD relied solely on BlackBerry, other platforms were rarely approved for use. It has approved devices with Samsung Knox and iOS platforms, so obviously this app store will have to work with at least three different platforms. As for the apps, I don’t think one will find the latest Angry Birds title on the DoD’s app store.

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