Verizon has already confirmed that it will be carrying the HTC One, they have pegged the release for this summer. HTC’s current Android flagship has been available from other major U.S. carriers for quite some time now, The Big Red joins the fray a bit late. It is now being reported that the carrier is looking to clear out Droid DNA and Incredible 4G LTE inventory prior to the launch of HTC One. Store promos will now be run to speed up things, and these devices won’t be supplied again once stores run out of stock. That’s because Verizon presumably wants room for something else, which is likely to be the HTC One.

Some believe that perhaps Verizon is going to launch a new Droid branded device. The fact that the carrier’s DroidLanding twitter account, which has been used in the past to drop information about new products, has been reactivated once again points to this possibility. Is Verizon going to be branding its HTC One differently? Its highly unlikely, since HTC doesn’t seem too comfortable with the idea of carrier brands. Lets wait and see what Verizon has up its sleeve.

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