solar-cell-dressWhen it comes to wearable technology these days, you cannot deny the fact that Google Glass looks set to be the next big thing among the tech savvy (with plenty of spare change to drop, of course), while the other potentially explosive wearable technology that might appeal to the masses has something associated with fashion – case in point, this wearable solar dress by a designer from the Netherlands. Known as the Wearable Solar project, it is helmed by Christiaan Holland and Pauline van Dongen, who worked in tandem with a team of researchers in order to come up with solar cells that are flexible enough, they can be easily embedded within clothing, turning you into a breathing, walking power plant along the way.

The Wearable Solar project would see a suit that sports a couple of modes. Whenever you open up the suit’s shoulder and waist flaps, it will reveal tiny arrays of solar cells which will do their bit to soak up sunlight whenever possible during the day, and once you are done with your errands and charging up the cells, these flaps can be snapped back in place, letting the entire shebang look a whole lot more discreet. Do you think the Wearable Solar will eventually make it to mainstream consciousness? The idea of a solar dress has been around for a few years already, so it is nice to see something more concrete arrive.

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