whtasapp-recordJust how popular is WhatsApp, so much so that we have read about how SMS revenues for mobile operators have started to plummet in smartphone dominant markets, considering how most folks pay a flat fee for their data plans? Well, it is so popular that WhatsApp processes up to 27 billion messages over the course of 24 hours. This is a huge jump especially when you consider how its previous best stood at a relatively fewer 18 billion messages on the last day of last year.

Out of the 27 billion messages, 10 billion of these were inbound from WhatsApp users, with 17 billion messages received. These figures do not really tally because they do include group messages, hence to send one message into group chat that comprises of 10 people would be considered as 1:10 inbound:outbound. Where do you think Whatsapp is headed after this particular milestone?

In order to generate this seeming insane amount of message volume, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum shared that there is over 200 million active monthly users, which would certainly make them larger compared to Twitter, hence it would not be too far fetched to consider them as the leader in the mobile messaging industry right now.

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