bing-updateWhen one wants to search for something on the Internet, it goes without saying that most folks would go to Google right away without thinking twice. It is sort of like you thinking about McDonalds when burgers are mentioned, or Coke if you want a refreshing fizzy drink. The thing is, the search landscape does comprise of other players, although it cannot be denied that Google has some sort of magical algorithm that makes them seemingly better than the rest. For those who prefer Microsoft’s Bing, well, you will be pleased to hear that Bing has recently introduced a revision to its autosuggest categories so that you are better able to locate the correct search parameters for the kind of content that you have been hankering after.

The whole idea by Microsoft is to do away with erroneous results, and this is done through the suggestion of more specific search terms right up front. For example, if you were to query Bing for additional information on Harry Potter, you will be presented with a bunch of other options that are separated by categories: the film series, the character, or even the books themselves. Do you think this new swagger is more helpful?

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