smartphonesWhen it comes to releasing smartphones, markets such as those in Europe and the US are big markets that manufacturers hope to break into in order to sell the most amount of phones. However it seems that the US market might no longer be the largest smartphone market come 2018, with countries such as China, Brazil, and India being possible candidates to overtake it. This is according to a new research from ABI Research, where according to their findings they predict that “the top five countries in 2018 will account for 51% of worldwide smartphone shipments while the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries will account for 33% of smartphone shipments.  By 2018, Western Europe and North Americas’ share of smartphone shipments will be 33% (equal to BRIC) down from 39% in 2013.” Breaking into large markets is important for smartphone manufacturers, and companies such as Panasonic probably agree as they attempted (but failed) to break into the European market with their Eluga smartphone.

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