Is virtual reality (VR) still too much of a novelty to be considered a must-have device when it comes to gaming? Unfortunately that seems to be the case, but the good news is that according to Valve’s monthly Hardware Survey (via UploadVR) of its Steam store, it appears that while VR gaming isn’t exactly dominating, it has doubled in usage.

The stats show that the number of VR headsets found on Steam has risen from about 0.4% early in 2018 to about 0.8% by the end of the year. As UploadVR notes, these figures should not be taken to be absolute figures, but are rather a percentage of users who were surveyed in that month who had a VR headset connected to their systems.

This means that it definitely does not paint the entire picture, but at the same time, we imagine that the actual figures might not be too far off. This is because for the most part VR headsets are still quite expensive. Plus there aren’t exactly many triple A titles available for it, so while there is fun to be had with VR, they haven’t necessarily become a must-have accessory for gamers to own.

In fact it seems that companies who were initially interested in VR are starting to explore other “realities”, such as augmented reality which might have more real world applications.

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