drive-encryptI am quite sure that when we first heard of Edward Snowden and the entire can of worms that he opened up, you must have gone through a fair number of feelings that range from betrayal to anger and perhaps even gratitude in certain quarters. Having said that, where do we draw the line when it comes to privacy laws? Google has started to test encryption mechanisms that are said to protect users’ Drive files against government demands, which should be a huge “Win” in the books of many others.

This experiment by Google to encrypt Google Drive files currently involves just a small percentage of Google Drive files, and it remains to be seen just whose accounts are the ones that are being encrypted. In fact, this particular move does set Google apart from everyone else in the Silicon Valley, or so we are led to think. This encryption process ensures that the government does not possess the key in order to unlock the encryption for files on Google Drive. I guess this bit of news might actually see a small spike in folks moving over to Google Drive as their preferred cloud service.

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