After a long road of speculation and rumors, Google has officially announced its Nexus 7 2 (or Nexus 7 2013) earlier this morning before showing it to a small group of media outlets here in San Francisco. We came in knowing what the hardware would be, but Google has clarified a number of details and introduced unexpected products as well. Since we have a brand new unit on hand, here’s the traditional “unboxing” video for those who are curious to see what’s inside the retail box, and what the initial contact with the product looks/feels like.

We’re going to publish an in-depth review shortly, but I can tell you that the industrial design is surprisingly better than what the leaks and the official photos would lead you to believe. ASUS and Google have done a great job with this device, and the bump in quality feels more valuable than the $30 price bump on the base model. The screen looks much sharper and the colors are great, and it is noticeably thinner and faster. It feels a bit heavier than it looks, but I will compare it to the previous one in the review.

Right now, the initial contact feels good. If you have questions that you would like to see answered in a full review, feel free to post a comment below, and I will check this post again before publishing a full review. Enjoy! Update: the full nexus 7 2013 review is live!

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