The Konami code has been tattooed into the brains of many old-school gamers as it originally allowed Contra players to receive multiple lives, making dying in the game a little less tragic. Since then, it has made its way across multiple Konami games, and has even been used in multiple products, services and websites as an easter egg. But one website has recently included the Konami code, and it’s a publication you wouldn’t think would include it.

The publication that has included the Konami code onto any page within its website is Vogue’s UK website. Upon entering the code, which of course us up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, you’ll be greeted with a velociraptor wearing a fancy hat. Inputting the code multiple times will result in the raptor wearing a different hat, while it makes its way across the web page to probably show off its fanciness to its other raptor buddies.

We wish we knew why exactly Vogue UK decided to not only implement the Konami code on its website, but also why did they decide to have its use result in the fanciest of fancy velociraptors to pop up?

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