DKHYzEAMCbzrjyM-556x313-noPadIf you’ve played LittleBigPlanet Karting, you might recall that there is a special bonus in which gamers can get access to a Sackboy costume in the likeness of Kevin Butler, a faux-Sony executive. Well it looks like Nintendo gamers want something similar as wll and they have recently begun petitioning Nintendo to include a special character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title for the Wii U and 3DS that will bear the likeness of Reggie Fils-Aime, the president and COO of Nintendo of America.

We expect many would be pleased to have their likeness immortalized in a video game and Fils-Aime is no exception, having said in the past that he is open to the idea of being included in a video game, although it would require the approval of the game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai, first. The proposal is to make him a unique character in which he could use Nintendo controllers and characters as his mode of attack. We’re not sure how that will play out ultimately, but it’s a novel suggestion that would add a bit of levity to the overall proceedings, so if you think this sounds good, you can hit up to sign the petition.

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