oppo-android-cameraoppo-android-cameraThe Samsung Galaxy Camera happens to be the most famous digital camera in the market at the moment that runs on the Android operating system, and one of the reasons that this is so is due to the fact that there aren’t any serious competitors in this particular market. Yeah, that is correct, how many other Android-powered digital cameras can you name right off the bat? As for the standalone digital camera, it could very well be on a long slide downwards as the smartphone’s camera gets more and more advanced, as evidenced by the Nokia Lumia 1020 release. Well, Oppo Mobile of China figured out that the market is large enough for yet another player, and some leaked information has revealed that Oppo Mobile is currently working on its own Android-powered camera.

This particular Android-powered camera will be known as the Oppo Camera or Oppo Android camera, since we do not yet have grips on the official name right now, other than the fact that Oppo Mobile is hard at work on this particular Android-powered camera. Do you think that Oppo Mobile will be able to make an impact?

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