ps4-dualshockIn a response to a Twitter query, Sony Worldwide Studios head honcho Shuhei Yoshida did mention that gamers who want to turn off the PS4’s DualShock 4 light bar would run into some difficulty – for the simple fact that they will be unable to do so. The bar would be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera in order to detect motion controls, where it is capable of changing color at the developer’s whim and fancy. For instance, in Killzone: Shadow Fall’s health status, the light bar would reflect your character’s current health status as such. It remains to be seen whether developers themselves can turn the light off or not, and one might figure out that games which toe the horror genre line would be able to take advantage of this particular feature.

We do keep our fingers crossed that this particular always-on light it will not reflect off your TV screen too much, and neither would it drain the controller’s battery all too quickly. What are your thoughts on this? Surely making it an option for the end user would not be too difficult a task to do for Sony, and it would keep gamers happy on their end, so why the overall strictness? We will find out for ourselves at the end of this year as the PS4 hits the mass markets.

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