Since last week many people had been complaining of Apple’s developer portal being down. Today the company confirmed that the portal had actually been hacked, saying that it was possible sensitive emails, physical addresses and names might have been compromised. Apple said it took down the portal on Thursday so as to prevent any more damage. Ibrahim Balic, a self titled security researcher, tells TechCrunch that it was he who hacked the developer portal, but he did not want to cause any harm or damage. He says he was looking in to bugs on the portal, and that he found 13, one of which gave him access to sensitive information.

Balic says that he was able to get information of 73 users, who are actually Apple employees. He says that he reported the bugs through Apple’s bug reporting site and even provided the details as example. Obviously concerned about the company pursuing legal action against him, Balic says that he did not attempt to publish or share “this situation” with anyone else. He says his aim was to collect data to see how “deep” he could go within this scope. Apple is yet to issue a statement.

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