It is estimated that consumers in the U.S. spend as much as $15 billion each year on purchase of bottled water. Then there’s the longstanding debate about tap water vs bottled water, it is believed that as much as 40 percent of bottled water is actually tap water. So why do consumers spend so much money on it? For some, its the peace of mind that the water is free of all impurities. WaterBean is a new alternative to bottled water. Its a portable water purifying filter that is capable of fitting in to any water bottle, so it turns ordinary tap water in to crisp and clean water. It is composed of coconut carbon, a composite material that is made from ground coconut shells. Not only does the filter remove impurities, it also adds minerals and can last three months, as opposed to bottled water which remains of no value once you’ve consumed it.

With plastic polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottles, there are obvious environmental hazards. They can leak harmful chemicals in the soil even if they’re in the landfilll and can end up polluting the soil and water. Adopting reusable alternatives such as WaterBean will greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste that is produced every single day. The filters inside WaterBean are good for up to three months, or 140 liters of water. WaterBean starts at $12 and is available in a variety of colors. It is a crowdsourced project that needs to reach its funding goal of $35,000 in one month. Do check it out.

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