Over the years, we’ve seen a number of amphibious vehicles make their way across the Internet, and today, we’re featuring WaterCar’s new Panther as not only can you drive it on nearly any kind of terrain your throw at it, but it can also drive on water just as comfortably. 

WaterCar claims its Panther is the world’s fastest amphibious car as it is not only capable of driving over 80mph on the road, but it can travel up to 44mph on water and even comes with a long-travel off-road suspension that helps its drivers access choppier waters. Drivers can drive the Panther into water at speeds up to 15mph, as long as there isn’t a step higher than around six inches and has a firm beach. Once the Panther is in the water, the driver places the vehicle in neutral, pulls a knob to switch to its jet drive, pushes a button to lift the wheels and tires out of the water, and then proceed to live the good life making your way through water.

The Panther was modeled after the Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler, but is designed with a lightweight chassis made entirely of chromoly steel in order to help keep the weight of the vehicle light enough where it could traverse water. In total, the complete Panther package will cost you around $135,000, which may be enough to buy a vehicle and boat separately, but it definitely won’t be as fun as the Panther seems to be.

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