There aren’t many stock solutions out there that allow users to record their iPhone screens. Though once the device is jailbroken, the Cydia store has a plethora of tweaks that allow users to do just that. The problem is, not everyone has a jailbroken iPhone. A new app has slipped on the App Store, its called xRec, it lets users record their iPhone screens without having to jailbreak their device.

The feature set is pretty simple. Users can record the entire screen activity, though the app requires an active internet connection to function. The recorded video can then be saved to the camera roll or be exported to other apps installed on the device. When the app is recording, a pulsating red bar will appear at the top of the screen. This can not be turned off. The app is also capable of recording audio through the mic at different quality rates. xRec requires an iOS device running iOS 5 or higher. The developer says its not compatible with iOS 7. It remains to be seen how long Apple takes to yank this app. For now, it is available to download from iTunes App Store. [Image via CNET]

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