blizzard-teaserAvid Blizzard fans will have probably heard that the company is currently working on a new MMO codenamed “Titan”, which last we heard has potentially been delayed. In any case whilst the details of the game remain a mystery and a secret, its existence is pretty well-known and thanks to Blizzard’s President, Mike Morhaime in an investor’s call today, it was revealed that the game will most likely not be taking the subscription route unlike Blizzard’s current MMO, World of Warcraft.

According to Morhaime, “We’re in the process of selecting a new direction for the project and re-envisioning what we want the game to be […] While we can’t talk about the details yet, it is unlikely to be a subscription-based MMORPG.” He then went on to reiterate that there has not been any official release date or a projected release date yet, despite the rumors which suggested 2016. In any case if Blizzard is not taking the subscription route, we’re assuming free-to-play could be one of the models that the developer is considering.

Many MMOs have taken the F2P route and given Blizzard’s popularity and massive fan base, we expect that whichever direction the company takes they will definitely have customers.

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