iphone-5-review-04-640x426While we don’t advocate the stealing of iPhones, we guess it is sort of common sense for a thief who stole the phone to disable the Find My iPhone feature, reset the operating system, and get rid of the current SIM card, all of which are pretty easy. However at the same time not all thieves were built the same way, and one thief from Dubai by the name of Burj Khalifa is a shining example of one of them. According to the author of the blog “Life Of A Stranger Who Stole My Phone”, her phone was stolen when it was left on the beach of Ibiza, Spain, and while that might have been the end of that, it seems that thief forgot to disable the photo upload option and the subsequent photos of himself have since been uploaded constantly onto the owner’s Dropbox account.

The existence of the blog is to basically try and shame the thief who stole the phone, as well as expose his life without him knowing about it. They are pretty innocuous but at the same time we’re pretty sure he’s going to have the shock of his life when he realizes he’s more popular than he had expected, especially when his photos are making their rounds on Tumblr! In any case we guess at the very least she managed to turn this bad situation into a somewhat humorous one. The entire list of photos (to date) can be found on her blog, so hit it up if you’re curious.

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