choppa-630x364While I myself haven’t been pickpocketed, from the videos I’ve seen on the internet and on TV, these pickpockets do possess some pretty nimble fingers and fast reflexes! However how much agility and dexterity must one have in order to pickpockets using a pair of chopsticks? And we’re not talking about pickpocketing wallets or dollar bills – nope, we’re talking about pickpocketing iPhones using a pair of chopsticks!

The man in the photo above was spotted recently (via Shanghaiist) in China pickpocketing an iPhone out of the pocket of someone riding a bike. As if grabbing the phone while the victim was stationary wasn’t difficult enough, this truly blows the mind. The photo naturally made its way around the internet and eventually got so big to the point where the man decided to turn himself in, admitting that he stole the phones in order to support his young daughter. While the act itself was wrong, the feat is admittedly amazing and we would love if it were caught on video!

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