jackery-airHaving a superlative describe a particular device is always the pride and joy of any company, since to hold the title of a thinnest, fastest, largest, smallest – take your pick, in the world, is a testament to the engineering and manufacturing facilities that a particular company possesses, or at least, has access to. The Jackery Air is one of those devices, where it is touted to be the world’s thinnest rechargeable battery. Jackery ensured that this title could be bestowed upon it by using a custom manufacturing process for the product so that it will be able to deliver a powerful battery with a sleek aluminum case as well as industry-leading dimensions.

In fact, you will find that the Jackery Air is not too different from the iPhone 5 where size is concerned, as users will be able to enjoy up to five more days of additional operational time. Personally, I would bring this along in addition to my phone’s charger even on a short trip, as you can never quite tell just when Murphy’s Law is going to kick in. Other than that, the Jackery Air boasts of an innovative power lock technology which enables it to hold charging capabilities for up to half a year whenever it is not in use. You can easily tell just how much juice it has left thanks to a three-color LED status indicator. The asking price for the Jackery Air stands at $79.95 over at Amazon.com.

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