When most people think of Lenovo, they think of their line of popular desktop and notebook computers as we’re sure if you’re in an office right now, you’re probably working on a Lenovo computer. Lenovo’s computers are so popular, the company was named the largest PC vendor in the world this year. That’s a pretty big deal, although we’re sure you’ll be surprised to hear Lenovo actually sold more phones and tablets than it did PCs in its most recent fiscal quarter.

Lenovo’s phones and tablets have yet to make as big of a splash as devices created by its competitors, such as Samsung, Acer and ASUS, but what helped the company sell more mobile devices is the fact they shipped more of them than they did computers. It also helps the majority of its mobile sales are from its home country of China, which is on its way to become a huge mobile market in the very near future. This just goes to show Lenovo doesn’t necessarily have to succeed in the U.S. market in order to make some huge sales, although we’re sure having more success for its mobile devices in the U.S. wouldn’t hurt when you consider just how popular their computers are.

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