Nintendo announced Pikmin 3 during E3 2013, and since then we’ve been keeping a close eye on the next sequel for the popular Pikmin franchise. Nintendo announced just this past April the game would be releasing on August 4, and that’s exactly what happened yesterday as thousands of Pikmin fans were able to spend the entire day ordering around their Pikmin to do their bidding, that is, as long as you didn’t have work or any other big summer plans to take part in.

Pikmin 3 introduces a number of improvements over previous versions of the game as you’ll explore PNF-404 with a team of Koppai explorers who are looking to discover new sources of food seeing as their native planet is suffering a severe shortage. Along the way, Alph, Charlie and Brittany will discover new life on the planet, known as Pikmin, and will also come in contact with new breeds of Pikmin never seen before in previous versions of Pikmin. The explorers will also learn of some other untold secrets of planet PNF-404, and possibly even meet up with everyone’s favorite explorer, Captain Olimar.

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