sharktrackerI am not sure which of the following two is the more unbelievable and cheesy movies that revolve around killer sharks – Sharknado or Sharktopus. You might want to debate the answer over in the comments, but right now, here we are with something that scientists have developed – a new robot which is capable of tracking down sharks. Professor Christopher Lowe, who happens to head the Sharklab at California State University Long Beach, realized that he needed a shark tracking robot in order to learn more about shark behavior, and he simply cannot achieve that objective by being in a boat.

This robotic shark tracking system was not built from scratch, but rather, the primary robot happens to be available off-the-shelf as the Ocean Server’s Iver2 autonomous underwater vehicle. Needless to say, a fair amount of custom modifications has been thrown into the mix, such as a couple of hydrophones that will receive a signal from the radio tag on the shark that the team is interested in tracking. The two of them will allow the robot’s computer to determine the shark’s bearing and steer in the right manner. Hopefully this will help us learn more about these creatures that descended from ancient monsters.

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