smart-glass-switchWe have seen many devices as well as things in life roll out with the “smart” prefix, ranging from smart cars to smartphones, and of course, smart windows. Well, this is yet another invention that can be labelled under the smart window department – it happens to be a smart glass that has a spray-on coating which can block heat as well as light with but a single flick of a switch, resulting in a step towards more energy-efficient windows. What you see above is an example of this smart glass, where the segment on the left has some film sprayed onto it, while the area on the right remains pretty much an ordinary glass.

This engineered window coating can be adjusted so that it will be able to respond to changing weather conditions accordingly. As to how much heat and light it lets in or blocks out, the same principle applies – a small surge of voltage will be sent to the material, kicking it into action. It is hoped that the ability to perform well in hot as well as cold climates might translate to huge energy savings at the end of the day – not only for individual homes, but as a nation on the whole.

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