It was reported back in June that one of the largest carriers in the U.S., Verizon Wireless, was looking to make an entry in the Canadian market. At that time it was rumored that Verizon would possibly by acquiring two local Canadian carriers before competing for the wireless spectrum that the country is scheduled to auction in January, 2014. The Globe and Mail now reports that Verizon has decided to not pursue previous plans of purchasing Wind and Mobilicity, the two Canadian carriers it was originally rumored to be interested in.

Obviously there’s no confirmation on this from Verizon just yet, but the carrier has time and again been rumored to be interested in a making a move inside Canada. As per this new report, Verizon is waiting to see just how well it does in the wireless spectrum auction that takes place in January. Acquiring spectrum will be key for the carrier’s future in Canada, and if its able to get what it wants, there exists a possibility that it might pursue the acquisition of local carriers once again. So right now it seems that Verizon’s future in Canada depends upon the auction, and if it doesn’t fare well in January, it might reportedly drop its plans altogether.

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