The (PRODUCT)RED charity was founded back in 2006, its purpose is to fight AIDS. One of the cofounders of this charity include well known U2 singer Bono. Apple has partnered with this charity for quite sometime. It offers special red editions of accessories and even iOS devices, a portion from their sales is contributed to (PRODUCT)RED. The charity’s official Twitter account revealed today that Apple has contributed over $65 million and it leads “the crew” when it comes to contributions from other partners.

The first special edition product was a red iPod nano which went on sale in 2006. Since then, a number of red devices have been released, including several iPod nano and shuffle models. Accessories include a red iPad Smart Cover, iPad mini Smart Cover as well as an iPhone bumper. There’s also a red case for the new iPhone 5s. A portion from the sales of these accessories and devices is contributed to (PRODUCT)RED. Other partners of the charity include Starbucks, American Express and Nike. To date, it has raised $200 million for the fight against AIDS. 100 percent of the money raised by this charity goes to the Global Fund to support the work being done on the ground in Africa, where the disease has already wreaked a lot of havoc.

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