Folks living in countries under the EU banner, here is some news that you might find interesting and potentially affect your wallets and bank accounts if you plan to do a slew of traveling among those countries in the future. The EU Commission’s new Connected Continent plan intends to do away with all roaming charges, not to mention working on boosting broadband speeds so that the Old World will be able to communicate with one another better without burning a hole in their pockets, while enjoying higher quality internet access.

Needless to say, the masses might be pleased with such an initiative, but the folks over at the telecoms companies would not take to such a suggestion too kindly. After all, it makes sense – they would most probably suffer a substantial business loss from a potential move such as this, but the EU Commission is rather set on their opinion that roaming charges happen to be one of the roadblocks when it comes to achieving the vision of a Paneuropean Telecoms Single Market. Neelie Kroes, the EU’s digital agenda commissioner, did mention, “[…]the European Commission says no to roaming premiums, yes to net neutrality, yes to investment, yes to new jobs. Fixing the telecoms sector is no longer about this one sector but about supporting the sustainable development of all sectors.” You can watch the video above for more details. [Press Release]

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