There are some people who enjoy watching horror movies and playing zombie games like DayZ. Some enjoy the fear and the exhilaration that comes with it despite screaming bloody murder during scary moments. Unfortunately it seems that in this instance, a gamer’s scream during a session of DayZ alerted her neighbors and gave them the impression that she was under attack and called the cops. Three police officers turned up at their doorstep later only to find out the somewhat embarrassing truth.


In all honesty we guess if we were her neighbors we would have been concerned as well, since she was screaming things such as “Who are you?” and “Don’t shoot me please I’m begging you!” This isn’t the first time the law has turned up at the doorsteps of gamers, although in the past it was the result of an player calling the cops in on their opponent as a way of messing with them, or “swatting” as the dangerous practice is called. In any case you can check out the video above around the 0:56 mark where you can hear her shrieks. What do you guys think? Would you have called the police too if you were her neighbor?

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