The world is moving at a rapid pace and the need to be constantly connected is now greater than ever. That is why many inflight Wi-Fi providers are working to make their service better and speeds faster than ever before, because now most people don’t like to be disconnected even when they’re in a cylindrical tube 30,000 feet up in the air. Gogo, one of the largest providers of inflight Wi-Fi in the U.S., has announced that its new inflight Wi-Fi service will offer speeds six times faster than what it currently offers. Its new service takes off in the second half of 2014, Virgin America has already signed up and hopes to have the service up and running on 53 of its aircraft.

Gogo says that the new service will use a combination of cellular towers and satellites to beam 60 megabits per second to each plane. Its original service offered 3 mbps to each plane, which is currently used by 1,700 aircraft. They launched an updated product last year which beams 10 mbps, this product is currently being used by nearly 300 aircraft. Gogo has different pricing structures for different tiers of usage, it offers a number of options, including a $50 monthly pass and a $14 one day pass.

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