googleplaybooksGoogle Play Books did arrive in India recently, and it did seem as though that particular occasion was a precursor to what is to come – a love affair of Google Books with the rest of Asia. Other than India, there are another eight more new locations in the region that will allow folks to enjoy the wonders of Google Play Books on their compatible Android-powered devices, and these would be Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Of course, Google is as Google does, and the Internet search giant does not look as though they are about to stop there, but rather, they will also head further south by making itself available to those who happen to reside in Hobbitland, er, New Zealand. Now that Google Play Books has expanded its repertoire of countries it is available in, will the all reading masses start to knock on Google’s door so that the internet search giant will be able to bring Google Music to those territories that are outside of the USA? Hopefully we will be able to check out some good news from the folks over at Google in the near future, but right now, it is time to pull out a pair of reading glasses and start crackin’!

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