chitika-130925Unlike Android where users will have to wait for manufacturers to get the update, modify it to fit their devices, and roll them out, and in some cases go through carrier certification and testing first, iOS users will be able to pull the update from Apple’s servers regardless of which iOS device they are using (some features could be disabled on older models), which is why it is not surprising to find that as it stands, iOS 7 has been found to have been installed on 52% of iOS devices about a week after its launch.

This is according to Chitika who based the numbers on the iOS devices that make its way onto its advertising network. Based on the graph pictured above, it shows that iOS 7 has enjoyed a pretty steady adoption rate and was adopted slightly faster compared to iOS 6. We imagine that this could be due to the massive redesign of the operating system which gave it a new look and feel, as well as introduce a host of new features which many iOS users have been asking for over the years. We doubt we will see iOS 7 hit a 100% adoption rate since there are older iOS models out there that won’t play nice with the update, not to mention there will be users who actually dislike the new look, with some complaining of motion sickness, forcing them to downgrade to iOS 6.

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