ios-7Yes, we humans might be alone in this universe after all, but when it comes to something as huge as a new mobile operating system version download or update, and from Apple at that, then it is widely expected for everything to run hunky dory. After all, you purchased an iPhone simply because you wanted it to “work”, right, without having to tinker with stuff or to be frustrated by it all. Well, sad to say things do not always go as planned, as the iOS 7 launch has stumbled right out of the gates.

I wonder whether Apple underestimated the number of people who decided to make the upgrade jump when they released the iOS 7 update earlier this morning at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Its activation servers were swamped by all the pressure of all the downloads, and other folks could not even start the installation process without being greeted by an error message. Apple has since issued a high-priority internal notice to its support staff, especially after a sizable number of folks could not their iPhones after the iOS 7 installation process was complete as the servers failed to respond. Hopefully Apple will be able to get their act sorted out before this Friday’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c rollout.

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