lenovo-flex-14-15-02Lenovo is extending its line of laptop that are capable of “flexing”, which means that it can open at an angle of 300 degrees to feature a view mode that uses the keyboard as a stand for the display. This can be great for presentations or touch-only modes where you need to have the full attention of a colleague or a customer.  

Both the flex 14” and 15” are designed to be affordable computers so they come with an Intel Core i7 (ULT) and 8GB of RAM at most. There is however, the possibility to pick a discrete NVIDIA GT740M graphics processor which should help those who want to play games quite a bit. For storage, an HDD or hybrid-HDD of up to 1TB is available. Lenovo say that the battery life is “up to 9h” and they weigh respectively 4.4lbs and 5.07lbs which is pretty good for this market segment.

Overall, we found the build quality to be pretty good, but of course, the mid-range market doesn’t allow crazy industrial design features anyway. The keyboard is nice, although not backlit and the screen was surprisingly good in this category. Lenovo used to have displays with lower contrast, but it seems like this has gone away.

Note that the 14” display gets a 1366×768 resolution, while the 15” can go as high as 1080p. Also there is only one memory module, so the 8GB option may cost a bit more when compared to laptops with two modules. As for the dimensions, here they are: Flex 14: 14.0 x 9.49 x 0.84 inches (343.2 x 250.9 x 21.5 mm). Flex 15: 15.6 x 10.47 x 0.87 inches (380.5 x 272.7 x 22.2 mm)

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