The NVIDIA Shield is a handheld gaming console powered by Android, however unlike its name would suggest, was not designed to be a handheld gaming console that could withstand abuse, or can it? Given NVIDIA’s background in gaming, this probably wasn’t on their minds but RatedRR decided to put it to the test anyway. For those unfamiliar with RatedRR, it is a YouTube channel where products, including electronics, are put to the “test” by being shot at. In the past we’ve seen videos where RatedRR has shot the HTC One, and if you check out their channel you will be able to find similar videos as well.

In any case in this particular episode, RatedRR was donated the NVIDIA Shield and performed some drop tests on the console. Surprisingly the console managed to hold its own, and even survived the initial bullet shot at it by a Mossberg 464 rifle! Given that the main guts of the console was at the base, this isn’t surprising, and it was soon followed up by a shot to the main body of the device, destroying it completely. If you’re in the mood for some senseless destruction, this is a video you should definitely check out.

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