tekken-revolutionThese days, keeping track of sales figures of music, movies and games get even more complicated as newer categories are created, especially with the advent of digital downloads. Other than physical copies alone, trivia lovers will now have to check out just how well a particular digital download does in the market. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing quite like having a box of your game or Blu-ray disc sitting on the shelf rather than just an icon on your desktop or TV screen. After all, you are paying the same amount of money for both, so why not settle for “more”? Having said that, the Tekken game franchise which has been around for quite some time ain’t doing too bad, as series producer Katsuhiro Harada did share that they achieved 2 million downloads in three months for the spinoff known as Tekken Revolution.

Harada shared, “The Tekken franchise has sold 42.5 million copies worldwide to date – making it the top in the genre – and 20 million of those or more have come from Europe.” Not only that, we do know that majority of the user experience for Tekken Revolution hail from the United States, while Japanese audience come in “a close second”.

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