broken-faxAs impossible as it might sound, but it seems that the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) in the US has reportedly experienced a situation where the OSD could not be reached because of an alleged broken fax machine. In fact, it has been said that one is unable to fax through to the OSD in the past fortnight, simply because the fax machine has been down and could remain in the same state for the immediate future.

Interestingly enough, the OSD does oversee the U.S. Military, but one does wonder how come it is unable to replace a broken fax machine? MuckRock did quote the OSD’s section chief on the following, ““[the office] will likely need to procure (purchase) a new fax machine. However, that purchase will not occur until the start of the new fiscal year (at the earliest).” I guess if you would want to send a request to the OSD, one might have to wait until November. Does anyone out there have any other kind of anecdotes to share with the rest of us concerning horror stories over at the office? The story above does sound rather improbable in my opinion, but sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

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