alps-dcdc-converter[CEATEC 2013] Don’t you just love the wonders of miniaturization? Not only does it make life a whole lot easier and more convenient for the masses, it is also one way to maximize our living space around us. Normally, a bidirectional DC/DC converter would not get too much of a glance from the passing consumer electronics enthusiast, but ALPS might have just turned the tables with their latest idea on what an ALPS Bidirectional DC/DC Converter should be like.

In the first place, modern portable DC/DC converters tend to rank low on the efficiency level – at least relatively speaking, but ALPS decided to pick up the challenge by working alongside another two companies, MyWay and ROHM, to change things for the better. These three companies have come up with a far more efficient DC/DC converter, which is 10% of the original size (which you can see the bulky machine on the left hand side), 80% lighter, and of course, with it comes a higher degree of efficiency compared to traditional systems. MyWay has plans to sell this Bidirectional DC/DC Converter from this month onward, and for those who ask what use is this module for in everyday life? It would result in far smaller and more efficient charging stations as well as electric vehicle power systems.

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