amazon-instant-video-iphoneWhen it comes to smartphones, rumor has it that Amazon has been working on one for a while now. The company has released three generations of Kindle Fire tablets, with the latest being the new Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX, so to hear them working on a smartphone is not a complete surprise. In any case according to the latest rumors, Amazon has two smartphones in the works, with one of them codenamed “Smith” which comes with an interesting feature: the use of a 3D user interface. This will make use of four front-facing cameras that will be able to track a user’s head and use it to position the 3D effects within the phone which should prove to be rather interesting, but hopefully it will be more functional than novel, like the 3D phones we’ve seen in the past.

Some features of Amazon’s phones include the ability to identify objects in real-life, meaning that you will be able to point the device at an object, identify it, and be able to purchase it from Amazon’s website, presumably if they have it in stock. As for the second Amazon phone, it will be similar to the “Smith” device just minus the 3D effects. The hardware specifications of either phone remain unknown, but assuming the rumors are to be believe, it will only be in 2014 when we will find out more. So until then take it with a grain of salt.

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