amazon-patentIt does seem as though the upcoming smartphone from Amazon has been confirmed to feature a real world 3D object recognition/matching service confirmed, and this particular bit of confirmation has arrived via a patent app. Additional information is leaking out at this point in time concerning the upcoming Amazon smartphone, where it also carries the codename “Smith”. As for the vaunted an image recognition feature/service, it would basically enable you to snap a photo of an actual 3D object in the real world, match it to an Amazon product and place a purchase.

This particular new service has been described in Amazon’s patent application as the “User guided object identification”. Should this particular service be implemented, we do wonder just how widespread its use will be, and will this idea actually catch on in the long run? No longer do you need to make some sort of lettered query, as a photo query of a particular object would do.

As for the other items, the process would be a little bit more complicated. In order to locate and match a shoe, a handbag or other real world item, you will need to do your bit when snapping a photo. For instance, you will need to align a sneaker or a boot in the camera viewfinder/screen so that it will match an outline provided by Amazon, in order to increase its accuracy level.

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