ios703Amidst the news of the new iPad rollouts, namely the iPad mini with Retina display as well as the new iPad Air, Apple has not forgotten about the software side of things. Here we are with word that Apple has already launched the iOS 7.0.3 update, where this particular release is touted to be relatively generous in bug fixes (which is a good thing in our books), but that is not all. No sir, there will also be a slew of new features thrown into the mix. Where the bugfixes are concerned, the most important ones would include patching up some iMessage activation issues, in addition to resolving the notorious accelerometer issue, all the while making sure that the recently discovered ways to bypass the Lock screen passcode will no longer be a threat to your iOS 7-powered device.

There is a changelog available, and here are some snippets that we have decided to highly. iCloud Keychain has been added so that it can keep track of your account names, passwords, and credit card numbers across all your approved devices. Not only that, Safari gets a Password Generator so that it can suggest unique, hard-to-guess passwords for your online accounts. The ability to search the web and Wikipedia from Spotlight search has also been reintroduced, while it also fixed an issue where iMessage failed to send for some users.

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