instagram-androidTo remain in the past would be fatal for anyone or any company for that matter. After all, there is a need to constantly move forward and improve, otherwise one would end up in the world of obsolescence. Instagram for Android is an app that has just been updated, where it will arrive with the long awaited ability to be able to straighten out those photos – something that iPhone users have been able to do for a couple of months already.


This is the most recent Android app update and it ought to have already arrived on Google Play, where that much wanted function would definitely come in handy for those of you out there who have always been relying on Instagram to get a photo across. Apart from that, this particular app update would also now enable not only sound but data usage controls as well, which means those who want to use Instagram to capture video clips can take advantage of that. Playing catch up is not all that bad now, is it? After all, do remember the adage that better late than never still applies, even in this day and age. You can download the most recent version of Instagram for Android from Google Play.

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