When it comes to video games, there is a debate as to whether gameplay is more important or if graphics are more important. Some gamers feel that graphics adds to the overall experience (we agree with this), while there are those who feel that gameplay is more important and if you have ever played games back in the 90s or have played text-based games like MUD, then you’re probably in agreement that gameplay matters more. Speaking at GamesBeat 2013, former Journey producer and co-founder of Funomena, Robin Hunicke, seems to believe that the aesthetics of the game should come first, followed by the mechanics. Note that Hunicke does not talk about graphics, but rather aesthetics which we think are pretty distinct.

“Instead of thinking of your game from the mechanics first, think about the aesthetics first […] Think of the feelings that you want to bring to the players. I believe if you start with the aesthetics and move backwards towards the mechanics through the dynamics, you can create successful games.” Hunicke goes on to use Minecraft as a prime example of a game that deals with aesthetics, stating, “Every bit of Minecraft is built to make you feel that feeling or share that feeling with others.” What do you guys think? Is Hunicke right? After all Journey has to be one of the more unique games we have experienced, with the music and overall feel of the game evoking some pretty strong emotions.

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