amazon-kindle-fre-hdx-screenSo, the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon has begun to ship as we announced just a few days back. If you happened to have picked up one of these puppies for yourself then, have you noticed as to why the display on your brand new Kindle Fire HDX comes with a somewhat bluish tint around the edges? Is it a defect? Did you think to yourself, that after having spent good money on a new high end tablet, it ends up like a love story gone bad? Fret not, that bluish tint has been described to be normal.

Apparently, it was part of an effort to achieve the vaunted color accuracy for the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX that saw Amazon make use of blue LEDs in order to light the display. Hence, the result of including that bit of hardware would be why there is an azure hue that makes its way around the display’s sides, especially on books and web sites. Apart from that, Amazon also claims that such lighting technique is good for your device’s battery, since it is touted to increase battery life by up to 20 percent. Will this particular tinge of blue turn you off from making a positive purchase decision?

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