amazon-kindle-fire-hdx-zeroThere are times in life when we absolutely want something, but are unable to get it simply because we lack the necessary funds to do so. Well, it is a good thing then that financial institutions come up with this idea of a 0% interest instalment plan, and depending on the package that you pick, it could range anywhere from a few months to a year, or even more. Amazon does seem as though they want to continue pushing out their Kindle Fire HDX tablet and will go to great lengths so that you can be a proud owner of a new one. Good news then, for those who have always wanted to pick one up but never really got down to it because of the entry cost – Amazon will offer the Kindle Fire HDX tablet on a quarterly payment plan.

It goes without saying that the amount of each installment will vary depending on the size as well as configuration that you select. For instance, the 7” model comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, 16GB of internal memory and Special Offers, will cost you $57 per payment. If you want a model that has the same specifications, but comes with a more generous 8.9” display, it will cost you $95 per quarter. All of it without any kind of financing fees or interest to worry about, but should you miss a payment, you will be prevented from accessing its content library, with the possibility of a deleted account. [Product Page]

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